Top Moscow Destinations

To be honest, at first, it all seemed too good to be true. As I saw the ticket deal, I shrugged it off thinking it was a scam. But my fiancée insisted that I search more. Thank God that I did. The website and deal was real and reliable. I was off to Moscow in pure glee after making the amazing purchase. Moscow is a city full of wonders. It is safe, fun, exciting and traveling around is very easy. Following are the places that I visited with my fiancé which are worth a visit. If you are in the city, be sure to visit these destinations.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Saint Basil’s cathedral is a beautiful former church located in Russia’s capital city. It is one of the most popular landmarks of Moscow and one place that is definitely a must visit. Shaped like a bonfire, the colorful domes mesmerize the onlookers. The church serves as a historical museum and receives millions of visitors each year.

Moscow Kremlin

This magnificent fortified complex stands in the heart of Moscow. It is the residence of Russian president. It includes five palaces, tall towers and cathedrals. The grand architecture leaves all visitors in awe.

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

If you have even a bit of interest in Art, you are going to love the Pushkin Museum of fine arts. The museum displays a huge collection of European art. It also keeps archaeological material from central Asia. The works of Picasso, Matisse, Derain and Van Gogh are greatly admired inside the walls of this white building.


The buildings, structures and architecture in Moscow are out of this world. Kolomenskoye is another amazing landmark in the city. It is located in the town namely Kolomna and it overlooks the Moskva river. The surroundings of this estate are breathtaking and the building is a great source of fascination for all tourists.

Gorky Park

For entertainment and fun, Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is perfect. Situated near to the Moskva River, the park is made up of lovely gardens. It has rides and many fun activities for its visitors.

Ostankino Tower

The Ostankino Tower is the eighth tallest structure of the world. It is a great sight and tourists are advised to take their cameras along.

Alexander Gardens

Alexander gardens are the perfect place for a picnic. The park has a wonderful environment and visitors have a great time provided the weather is pleasant.