Vacation and Diets – Sticking to Your Diet During a Road Trip

If you’ve worked hard to lose weight, don’t let your next road trip get in the way. With some planning ahead and the right attitude, you can stave off the extra pounds and still enjoy your trip.

It all starts with having the right mindset. Many people think of vacations as their excuse to overeat and indulge in things they wouldn’t otherwise. This can add up to more than a few extra pounds at the end of your trip.

Cut yourself some slack, but don’t allow yourself to stray too far from your eating plan. Commit to eating right at least 80 percent of the time. That way, you can try new foods and let your hair down a little bit, without completely bankrupting your diet.

You can also overcome your desire to overeat by focusing on the experience and not the food. Indulge yourself in taking photographs, enjoying being with the people you are traveling with or just the experience of being out on the road.

Planning ahead can also help with staying on your diet. Never leave the house without snack foods and healthy alternatives! Taking food on vacation is not a sign of being controlling or not “living in the moment.” It’s a smart plan.

There are a lot of portable fruits and vegetables that you can eat in the car. You can also take along whole wheat crackers, pita chips or rice cakes. A small cooler can provide you with storage for low fat cheese, lean meats or hard boiled eggs.

Be sure to take along enough food in your car so you won’t be tempted to hit the drive through and eat unhealthy food. (This tip helps your pocketbook, too.) You’ll feel so much better when you arrive at your destination if you haven’t been noshing on fried chips and colas the whole way.

Don’t forget to take along bottles of water! It’s easy to get dehydrated, especially when you are on the road. You can often mistake thirst for hunger and eat more than you need to. Having a water bottle handy will remind you to drink lots of water and it can curb hunger before it starts.

When you stop to eat, try to find a sit-down restaurant. Order a salad or a grilled chicken entree for a combination of nutrition and low calories. Fill up on water or tea, and not high-calorie sodas. If you have to go to a drive through instead of a sit down restaurant, opt for a grilled chicken sandwich or a salad. Skip the fries and the other high fat side dishes.

Stop yourself from snacking too much in the car by wearing tight-fitting clothing. If you dress too comfortably, you won’t notice when you’ve eaten too much.

By wearing an outfit that shows off your shape, you will have a subtle reminder of why you’re trying so hard to stay on your diet. Little tricks like these will help you avoid gaining weight on your road trip.